De calla Catering


About us

The word De Calla comes from a type of flower which symbolises elegance (display), regeneration (ideas) and freshness (food). De Calla Catering sees an opportunity to cater to the new generation of food lovers by providing Classic. Creative.Catering experiences for various types of events, from birthday parties at home to corporate luncheons to wedding receptions.

It will be a feast for the senses as De Calla Catering will provide tasteful table displays which complement the occasion and a gourmet selection by our dedicated chefs that will please every one of your guests. De Calla Catering takes pridein distinguishing our buffet with style and will dedicate ourselves to making your event a special one.

Our Mission:

Classic, The way we design your events to your tastes. Creative, Always in our line of thought for a unique experience. Catering, To be a quality food provider for all occasions

Our Vision:

We aim to become Singaporeans’ choice for providing food services, catering for different occasions to celebrate with their families, friends and colleagues at their door-step. We will be progressive thinkers to further improvise/enhanceour concept and develop more services that will caterto the customers’ best interests.

The meaning behind De Calla

The De Calla logo is decked in a uniform green-gold combination to show its consistency, class and sophistication. The name 'De Calla' is in legible, cursive font that is slightly thicker than other similar fonts to give it a less serious and more inviting feel. To prevent customers from mistaking De Calla as a florist or company offering a feminine product, the slogan ‘Classy.Creative.Catering’ is incorporated into the bottom of the logo. The De Calla flower is an extension of the letter ‘e’ and is presented in the same gold so the logo will have a cohesive overall look, and make it cleaner. The flower also has a gradient to represent shimmering gold, adding a touch of elegance and high class to the brand name. The colour scheme has been kept to 2 colours as a less complex colour combination increases the potential of using the logo on products with different backgrounds. The colour olive green denotes balance, harmony and stability, as this is De Calla’s message to the consumer.